Press Release No.279/2010

Pakistan on US support for Indiaís bid for a permanent seat on UNSC

Islamabad, Nov 08: Pakistan has taken due note of United States expression of support for a permanent seat for India in any reformed Security Council. United States, however, has acknowledged that UN Security Council reform is a difficult process and will take significant time. Pakistan believes that US endorsement of Indiaís bid for its permanent seat in the Security Council adds to the complexity of the process of reforms of the Council. Pakistanís position on UN Security Councilís reforms is based on principles. Any reform of the Council that contradicts the very fundamental principles of the UN Charter including the principle of sovereign equality; of equal rights and self-determination; and the principle of collective security would gravely undermine the system of international relations based on the UN Charter principles. Indiaís aspirations for recognition as a global power notwithstanding, there are reasons enough to discredit this proposed direction of the process of UNSC reforms such as Indiaís conduct in relations with its neighbours and its continued flagrant violations of Security Council resolutions on Jammu & Kashmir. In a globalized and interdependent world, multilateral cooperation can only flourish, if it is based on respect of the principles of the Charter of the United Nations and is consistent with recognized norms of inter-state conduct and international law. Pakistan hopes that the United States, which contributed immensely to the founding of the UN system and, in particular, its Charter principles will take a moral view and not base itself on any temporary expediency or exigencies of power politics.