Press Release No.65/2009

Concert for Pakistan held in UNGA

UNITED NATIONS, Sep 12, 2009: A “ Concert for Pakistan “ was held at the United Nations General Assembly Hall sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Pakistan with the cooperation of renowned Pakistani Band Junnon Group to demonstrate unity and create awareness for those dislocated in Swat during the recent action against Taliban militants.

The purpose of holding the Concert was to draw world attention to the plight of those dislocated in Swat and project Pakistan as a liberal, Islamic, democratic and modern country having a rich cultural heritage.

The performers entertained a packed UN General Assembly Hall which included Permanent Representative of various countries, diplomats, members of the Pakistani Diaspora, representatives of non governmental organizations, academia, scholars, Nobel Laureate, and International Media.

The Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nation Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon in his comments on the occasion called it a “historic day” .He expressed the hope that this concert will help towards improving the image of Pakistan and send a message to the world that the people of Pakistan are peace loving and custodians of a rich cultural heritage embedded in Sufi tradition.

Ambassador Abdullah Hussain Haroon thanked the United Nations, organizers and participants for making it a roaring success and expresses the hopes that the new generation will take this effort further.

The audience was enthralled by the performance of Dr Salman Ahmed ,International acclaimed Bands including “Outlandish”- a Denmark based Pakistani Band, Sting , and Susan Deyhim.

Mr Jeff Skoll ,Bobby Sagger, Mr Naif Mutawwa and Nobel Laurette Dr Parauchauri recalling their memories of Pakistan urged the audience to support Pakistan fight terrorism so that its government can rid the country of this scourge. Mr Jeff Skoll said “ Pakistan is part of the solution and not part of the problem”

They called on the international community to support Pakistan as it would allow this nation of 170 million people to demonstrate its true potential and reclaim Pakistan rightful position in the comity of Nations .